RetirementLane-main_FullI heard a growing trend is for people to retire to college towns where they can volunteer and keep learning new things.  Good idea.

That’s the thing with retirement is for most life gets really boring which leads to an early death.

My experience seeing my parents and grandparents approaching or in retirement and my recent experience with my Uncle committing suicide has formed my retirements plans.

But it is not really retirement. I don’t believe in retirement at all.

Let me explain.

My plans are to work on what I’m passionate about and slowly over time add charity work to it. Then over the years increase the percentage of time I spend on charity work. My predecessor and business systems slowly take more time from me on business to compensation.

You add the charity work by funding causes you love or volunteering your time. And you only do it once you are stable and are able to afford to do it.  Just paying the bills is not stable. You must be doing very well really before contributing to charities. Because you have to take care of yourself first before you can help others. I know some people are going to disagree with this.

I never get to a point where charity work takes up all my time. I’ll always be involved in my business.

With this system you are never bored. You are involved and you contribute to society over many many years.

You’ll avoid the having something to do one day and then nothing the next. So many people retire utterly bored just waiting to die. Life is worth enjoying. If you are not enjoying it then you are not being creative enough, you’re not being passionate about what you do. Change that and this system will create a legacy that will live on forever.

It’s a simple system which is why I know it works.

Richard Branson is doing this. With Virgin Unite he even let’s other via a social network get involved in charity work. A brilliant idea. Over the years his kids will get more and more responsibility in Virgin and Richard will do more and more charity work.