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Christopher Sherrod
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Podcasting advice from several podcasters

Are you ready to launch your podcast? Learn from Christopher Sherrod the producer of a top podcast With his podcast friends they created this book to show you everything you need to know from microphone to marketing.

This is the blueprint to create your own winning money making podcast.

In Podcasting Blueprint, Christopher shares how he launched “Bliss Streaming”. Christopher shares his journey with complete transparency so you can emulate his successes and avoid his failures.

How To Create New Business Ideas

8th Edition of Book

Learn how to create your next business idea following an easy step-by-step process.

  1. The Play Prosperity Games Steps
  2. How to explore your world for ideas that are all around you
  3. Cleansing techniques to make yourself open to the perfect idea
  4. Banking your ideas and how to rank them and pick the perfect one to do
  5. 26 games to create the next million dollar+ idea
  6. Plus a special bonus for readers

Christopher Sherrod provides you the keys to unlock your truly passionate business in How To Create New Business Ideas.


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By |June 12th, 2020|Categories: Mexico, Travel, Whole Enchilada|Tags: |

Tropical Storm Cristobal sat over Yucatan Mexico where I’m living for a week. Heavy rain and even a couple of days of high winds left this whole area flooded. My neighborhood is completely cutoff because the three dirt roads from the highway to our beach homes are completely flooded. Yesterday our personal assistant had to hand delivery our groceries by walking thru the pop up lake aka our road. The water is up to his waist. Even SUVs are unable to get to us currently/ Hopefully by next week our [...]