Thanks for stopping by. I'm Christopher Sherrod and my goal here is to help your business be better after you have found me.
Hi. I teach creative entrepreneurs, consultant, freelancers, and authors how to make money with what they do.

I do the following over the course of a typical year:

1. My daily emails - every week day (unless I'm traveling) I send out an helpful email that will help you in your business. Sign up here:

2. Host BlissLife Business - my conscious business podcast where I share what is working for me, my thoughts on being a conscious business and special guests on what they rock on.

3. Helping entreprenuers increase their business. I've consulted entrepreneurs on how to get more business, and I'd love to work with you.

4. Writing - I've written many books. How To Create New Business Ideas and Podcasting Blueprint, plus Dolphin Entrepreneur.

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These are the things where I’m focusing my time and attention for consulting as well as actually running and investing in other businesses. If you’re interested in working together in a way that isn’t listed above, alas, I most likely will have to say no. That means no taking on unpaid work (even calls). If you’d like to learn more about working with me in a consulting capacity, you should read more about my courses.

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ou can reach me at Please allow 7-14 days for an email response, depending. Want to invite me to speak on your podcast? You can do that here.
Get Real On The Ground Entrepreneur Advice from a Non-Coach
Christopher isn't a coach and makes all his money running real B to C businesses.