Christopher Sherrod

Christopher Sherrod

Hi, my name is Christopher Sherrod. I’m an American author, entrepreneur and expat living overseas.

This website is the home to my life’s work. I write about travel, expat and slow lifestyle and occasionally conscious entrepreneurism. My central question I focus on in my work is, “How can we have a more blissfully life?”

In order to address that question, I write about what is working for me in my own life.

I believe the best way to change the world is by being aware and doing the right thing.

I write about whatever is of interest to me. Lifestyle, travel, equal rights, art and sciences. Science because I am concerned about the root causes of the environment and sustainability. Art because I believe art is an express of the human spirit.

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A percentage of each project I’m involved in goes to Trees For Life.

We realize that our task is not to solve the problems of the world. Our challenge is to create a few demonstrable models that, if successful, may inspire others to solve their own problems. In this manner we are akin to a laboratory where an antidote to a disease may be developed. We are not a factory where the antidote is manufactured for sale.
Our focus is on developing and providing the tools of empowerment to local community leaders who can create hope among others. Empowerment in our case means: Awareness + Networking of resources which leads to Action

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