878051_first_aid_kitIn order to be successful in business you have to be willing to be hurt. If you avoid doing anything to get hurt you will not be successful at all.

So you’re going to get hurt. It’s going to happen. The point is to not dwell on it but to learn from it.

Years ago I was blamed for stealing. I tried and tried to find the problem I was accused of but couldn’t. I would have apologized and fixed it if I could find it. I lost the client over it and the accuser did too.  The accuser doesn’t like me and my feelings were hurt. I moved on. You can’t please everyone all the time.

I’ve also had joint ventures where I did most of my work up front and my partners barely did anything and then called it quits or just stops communicating or answering questions. I was hurt, life moves on. You learn from it.


  1. Be nice and point out the problem. A vast majority of people would gladly correct the problem. Stick to your guns if you know you are right. Admit wrong doing if you have made a mistake. It’s always best.
  2. If they are not taking the situation seriously then make then understand the seriousness of the it.
  3. Keep any single client to only 10% or less of your business so if they start demanding things that are unreasonable you can easily fire them and not be financially dependent on them.
  4. Fix things quickly instead of slowly. Problems dragged out never end well. Better to cut the deal and move on.
  5. Recover your costs from ex-partner and outsource the handling of it so it doesn’t take any of your energy

I hope you get hurt in the future. Not because I want you to have pain but because I know you will be growing and having successes.

P.S. All current partners, please don’t infer anything from this. This was based on past deals.