View from my hotel room

I’m a big fan of celebrating life.  I love to work hard but I also love to party.

I’m in Sedona Arizona for my cousin LaDonna’s wedding.  She’s marrying a Greek-American. A lot of his family still live in Greece.

We’re having our own version of the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. I’m so happy for LaDonna because she meet the love of her life and he’s Greek.  The Greeks know how to celebrate life. The best restaurants to go to around the world are Greek. I’ve partied and eaten too at Greek Restaurants in Edinburgh, Paris, Renees, Austin, Phoenix, Pananama City Panama and who knows where else.

Be Greek.  Celebrate life.  Enjoy it. Your business will be more profitable, you’ll be happier and the people around you will join you in having a fantastic life.

I would like to thank my love Nan Akasha for helping me see that life is a wonderful adventure again. We’ve been together three and a half years and it has been truly wonderful. Let’s party our asses off this weekend honey.