Staying in Mexico for awhile has shown me what poverty really looks like.

I’ve walked by people’s homes that had no electricity and they cooked dinner over an open flame. It looks like an an abandoned lot, but an entire family is living there.

And across the street is a nice new restaurant. The neighborhood is scaling up because people like me are living here.

My penthouse condo is a 10 minute walk away.

Coming from the USA where we had a Mercedes and a convertible plus a five bedroom home I personally feel like we upscaled to a two bedroom penthouse with a roof Terrence. But when I see people without electricity and cooking everyday over an open fire I really feel I upscaled.

With the growth of the resort town I’m living in i know these families are months away from cashing out and ups along themselves but it does make you pause when you walk by.

Then I watched a documentary Living On One Dollar on Netflix that showed me really poverty. Families making a dollar a day per person and how hard that is.

A dollar a day in a country like Guatamela is a completely different story. You get sick and you can’t afford the medicine and you die.

Knowing about poverty, seeing it on a screen and then walking by it in our own town is another thing.

I’m very grateful for this experience and I’m very grateful for my high living conditions.