Is the real purpose of death being suppressed from humans?

Is the truth just too “real” for the general population to hangle?

If their was undeniable scientific proof of an afterlife would most kill themselves in order to start over?

The DiscoveryThe sci-fi movie The Discovery addresses that boldly.

And it got me thinking.

I totally believe that this isn’t my only existance, but I have no intention of ending my life early on this existance because I want to raise consciousness. That’s why I started my company to publish transformational leaders. I may not be the most conscious person on the planet but I can do my part and help conscious leaders get out there.

I belive if you have found your true purpose in life and you totally believed in the afterlife that you would strive on making yourself as conscious at the best of your ability until you die of natural causes and you do your best at making that a really long time.

If you think suicide is an answer then you haven’t found your true purpose yet.

Keep striving.

Also check out the movie, there’s a big secret in it and I don’t want to give it away.