Back in 2016 I took part in a Native American ceremony and had some major visions.  It was an interesting night.

Someone in our small group part way into the ceremony continuous kept saying “I just want to know the truth.” I thought it was going to ruin my ceremony even though I was trying to focus and get my experience out of it.

He was so loud that the shaman went over several times to get him to quiet him down. It didn’t work. She got to a point where she said “You are ruining my ceremony”. And he quietly did say a word the rest of the night. Her fantastic leadership skills on how she handled the situation started bringing up leadership visions up in me. Times where I did great at leadership and times when I didn’t. And times where a leader let me down. I had that a few months before this ceremony when a leader I looked up to completely blew it. I had visions on how I would have handled it.

Then that vision lead me to seeing Necker Island from above and I flew down and into Richard Branson. I literally became Richard Brandon. I walked around as him. I instantly knew his leadership style, how he thought and how he would handle situations. He was talking to some fellow entrepreneurs when he noticed some had run out their drink. He got up and walked over the house manager and said me and my friends would like a refill. His attitude was that the house manager was the boss. The house manager was in charge and Richard was coming to him like any of the other guests asking for something. Richard’s attitude was being the guest. And it would be that since Richard is a systems entrepreneur.

The experience was so deep. I literally felt like Richard Branson. It was greatly influenced my life. My leadership style as changed to be more systems driven and to help my team get things done smoothly and with some fun. I make them responsible for doing things and give them systems to get it all done. When people are in charge of an area they make it work, they do what’s best. You just have to hire people that care about what they do.