I’ve gone thru simplifying my life. I’ve turned off my mobile phone ringer, muted my computer, put Skype and GTalk on do not disturb a vast majority of the day, filtered my email (newsletter get archived and labeled ‘Read’ for later), unsubscribed from some newsletters that I just don’t have time to read ever and I’ve gotten more done.

Not everyone can do this to the level I have, but you still can.

Employees at Target are allowed to put yellow tape around their office to signal to everyone that they wish not to be disturbed.

You can that or wear a hat that tells everyone not to talk to you.

Some companies in Japan allow employees to wear red sashes that easily let everyone know that they are thinking and being productive.

My partner and I have work usually in the same room when traveling. So, we just tell each other when we are about to go into deep think mode. I also usually put on some think music on my iPod Nano and jack in. Unless the building is on fire I’m out of touch.

So wear a hat or a sash or even yellow tape your office off. Get productive and enjoy your life.