Skipping Success: The Allure of Entrepreneurial Fame and the Pitfalls of Premature Business Coaching


I see so many new entrepreneurs who crave being famous for being an entrepreneur. So much so they skip the being a successful entrepreneur step and go right into business coaching.

Seth Godin said recently: “Reach doesn’t matter, because your job isn’t to interrupt people on other planets, with other interests. Your job is to interact with people who care Running an ad on the most popular podcast isn’t smart if the most popular podcast reaches people who don’t care about you. Perhaps it makes sense to pay extra to reach precisely the right people. It never makes sense to pay extra to reach more people.”

Focus on getting your message in front of your ideal target audience. No matter how small that is. Just having a #1 podcast doesn’t mean you are successful.  Having an audience that totally digs what you are doing is.