Entrepreneurs that give Entrepreneurs a bad name


Fake entrepreneurs giving false advice. I’ve long been an entrepreneur.

I started by selling smelly erasers in elementary school with my best friend Mark. Even though I spent my profits on keeping the best smelly erasers. I broke even, but it was worth it.

I got over smelly erasers and over the years sold tons of things, everything from services to physical goods, always with a brand name.

And with social media I, like you, have noticed a ton of entrepreneurs that come off like used car sales people.

People that are famous for being an entrepreneur even though they have no known business success.

Just famous for being famous.

Like this joke video I saw last night when I was watching comedy videos from YouTube. Have a watch and I think you will agree.

I was laughing out loud with this video. This guy really got what it looks like to me.

I’ve recently removed more connections to people that this video makes fun of.

I love real entrepreneurs but if I don’t know that you’ve been successful at a real business then why should I listen to you?

I would rather be successful in business and be almost unknown as an entrepreneur than what this video makes fun of.

This has gotten so bad that this video was even conceived let alone done so well.

Even Robert Kiyosoki, the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author recently came out with a new book “FAKE: Fake Money, Fake Teachers, Fake Assets” that apparently (I haven’t read it yet) goes into the huge trend of fake business coaches. A trend I saw many years ago and I’ve distanced myself from people like that.

These fake business coaches don’t like it when you point out that it’s uncool to go from virtual assistant to business coach. It feels like a con-job so they trash your name in order to protect themselves and I for one don’t like playing the name calling game.

So I just talk to real talking entrepreneurs and avoid the ones that sound like this video.