My favorite show as a teenager living in remote Alaska was, believe it or not, Miami Vice.

I loved the style, the action and not to mention the weather.

I wanted to be Sonny Crocket. The clothes, the sailboat, the women, everything but the actual job he had.

And when I moved to Arizona at the end of high school I was finally able to find the clothes that looked like the show. (I couldn’t find any cool clothes in Alaska in the 80’s.)

I promptly bought an entire outfit including the shoes (no socks).

And that is probably why I lost my first job because I showed up looking like Sonny Crocket. Oh well, I looked awesome.

I even recorded each show on VHS tape (millennials read the Wikipedia article on what a VHS tape is).

I carried those VHS tapes with all my moves for the next twenty-something years. Finally selling them on Craigslist since I could get a digital stream and I was planning to travel around the world slowly.

And I was writing with a view of the Caribbean recently. This view in fact.

ViewAnd the Miami Vice Theme came up on my AppleTV and bam, flashback to when I was a kid in snowy Alaska.

I wanted to live in the tropics where it never snowed. Where it was always summer.

And I have it.

That moment when you realize you fulfilled a dream you had as a kid has already happened is just fantastic.

Live the life you want.