by Rhonda Ryder

I’ve always been fascinated with the whole subject of choosing our own parents. I believe we make arrangements before we’re born and choose certain roles we’ll play in each other’s lives. Someone might actually accept the role of alcoholic father” just to help us learn a particular life lesson.

I had such a father who won the role of Rhonda’s alcoholic dad”. I love my dad and learned a lot from him and I know he loves me, even though he wasn’t always emotionally available. We have a wonderful relationship today. My father’s been sober for eight years, but it was a long, winding road to get there.

I wasn’t always so accepting of the pre-birth agreements I made in regards to who would play the roles of my parents in this lifetime. I often questioned such choices, for this arrangement seemed to bring me lots of frustration and pain. But life has a way of making sense eventually. At least it has for me. By studying The Law of Attraction, I began to take full responsibility for my life and all the experiences I’ve created. This is my movie; I am the author and I’ve written the script. How can I be angry at my parents when they’re only reciting the lines I’ve asked them to speak?

This is sometimes a difficult concept to understand, especially when you’ve collected years of evidence demonstrating how your parents messed you up.” Believe me, I’ve been there.

Studying The Law of Attraction has changed all that. I now understand that I am the creator of my experience. In fact, I chose having an alcoholic dad before I was even born.

Imagine if children were taught, from an early age that they choose their parents, and their parents choose them. How would that make them feel? You could say it depends on how happy they are with the arrangement. This is true. But learning early on that they have the power to attract what they want in their lives is pretty useful information, wouldn’t you agree?

Imagine a world where parents share The Law of Attraction thinking with their infants and toddlers and raise them to know that they’re the creators of their own lives. This is my dream and my passion. That’s why I started Kids Awakening, an organization that teaches parents how to share The Law of Attraction with their children and teenagers. We interview parents who are raising their children with Law of Attraction thinking. We also interview high profile spiritual leaders, teachers and authors, and share this information with other parents and educators.

Sharing The Law of Attraction with your children is not about pushing your beliefs on them. It’s about being a model for your children of what living a joyous life is all about. Perfection is not the goal here, just progress!

I found a quote from an Abraham-Hicks workshop in Albany, NY held in 2001 that sums it up best:

The most significant thing for a parent to contribute to anyone, is their own Connection and their own stability. An effective parent is a happy parent. An effective parent is a parent who laughs easily and often, and who doesn’t take things so seriously.”