I had a former neighbor tell me recently that she really looked up to me.

She told me that I was so good at being social.

I was shocked.

That is one thing I definitely didn’t think I was good at.

But it made me think.

I’ve recently been in a professional photo show. I’ve done Improv Comedy in front of a paying audience.

I know quite a few people at the Internet Marketing Party that I talked about a couple of days ago. And I talk to as many as I can at that.

I enjoy hanging out with people.

My girlfriend evens says that I’m a great friend because I regularly checkin with my friends just to see what’s up.

But, I still didn’t think I was that social.

My perception was completely different than what people around me were thinking.

I’ve chosen to change that perception. I did it by learning Improv Comedy, getting into a professional photo show and asking for what

I want. Doing my radio show and asking for guests that I want to talk to has also helped a lot. And by listening to my friends.

What perception do you have that is completely false?

Having good friends that will tell you the honest truth (most don’t) is the best way I know how to find these false perceptions.