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Wonder Woman

What business can learn from Wonder Woman hit movie

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The Wonder Woman movie is a huge sign that people want things that matter. It isn’t all about how fast the superhero can fight. It’s about doing the right thing…

Richard Branson

Stepped Into Richard Branson

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Back in 2016 I took part in a Native American ceremony and had some major visions.  It was an interesting night. Someone in our small group part way into the…

Living on One Dollar

Living on a dollar a day

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Staying in Mexico for awhile has shown me what poverty really looks like. I’ve walked by people’s homes that had no electricity and they cooked dinner over an open flame….


Is the truth of death being surpressed?

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Is the real purpose of death being surpressed from humans? Is the truth just too “real” for the general population to hangle? If their was undeniable scientific proof of an…


Your own VPN

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I was talking to some other Digital Nomads about security on the Internet at a party. Someone just moved in from an iffy freedom country and he asked what VPNs we…


I’m not a techy

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I was recently told that I’m a complete failure at being a techy. And I completely agree. Because, I’m not a techy. I have a business degree. I’ve never said…

Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things

Minimalism is it the answer?

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I watched the documentary Minimalism on Netflix and was struck that I essentially did that by going on around the world trip slowly that began in October 2016. I didn’t…

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher: My First Feminist Role Model

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My article about Carrie Fisher was picked up by Good Men Project. Carrie Fisher and her Star Wars character defined the type of woman I wanted to be with at an early…

benita abraham

Career more important than love?

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Benita Abraham is getting a lot of buzz for her photos she had done of her with her job acceptance letter she got for her dream job. She found her…

Jamba Juice Pokestop Offer

Marketing in Pokemon Go

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I got on Pokemon Go the day it launched so I could play it with my kids. They love Pokemon. And it has been very cool to see the most…

Shark vs Dolphin

Business Sharks vs Dolphins

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In the last year I broke off associating with or doing business with sharks in business. About a year ago I had a falling out with two separate sharks one day after…

Podcasting Blueprint

Podcasting Blueprint is a best seller

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My book Podcasting Blueprint became a #1 bestseller today. My two books are both bestsellers. How To Create New Business Ideas Podcasting Blueprint And I’ve been in 5 other best…

Latest article about my friend dying has been picked up by Good Men Project

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My article about my friend dying and its impact for me has been published by @goodmenproject As an author and publisher I love writing and journaling from my heart and…

My Friend Died And We Are Loved

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I’m getting a pedicure and listening to a business podcast when my girlfriend texts me that our good friend Marla died. It slowly hits me. I’m trying to keep my…

Marriage Equality For My Kids

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The last three days have been some of the most emotional days in my life. When the Supreme Court of the USA came out with the biggest human rights decision…

Shut Up and Write – My Experience With Other Writers

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So while I’m in San Francisco for a month on business and my daughter moved here to go to college I decided to go to the San Francisco chapter of…

Gang Of Four

Punk Rock Justice

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I saw “Gang Of Four” an English punk rock band from the 70’s last night and it reminded me I really love punk rock bands. Punk rock bands have a message…

Leading With Heart And Being Strong

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Me and my partner Nan Akasha hosted our BlissLife Business School here right on the water in San Diego this last weekend. We took all of our experience and made an…

Are you the next Enlightened Entrepreneur that I publish?

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Are you the next Marianne Williamson or Eckart Tolle? Do you know in your heart you have a powerful message and transformational spiritual journey to share? Are you ready to…


4 Steps to Automate Your Business

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While starting a business can be a lot of fun, getting that business to grow can be less exciting. Many entrepreneurs tend to lose enthusiasm after the launch phase, and…

How To Create New Business Ideas

How To Create New Business Ideas Is A Best Seller

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Yesterday was a great day. My book “How To Create New Business Ideas” became a bestseller on Tuesday. That’s two bestsellers I have in the last 8 days. Last week…

Christopher Sherrod at La Costa Resort

How to outsource everything but your sex life

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I celebrated my birthday last week. Thai massage, comedy club, meals with friends, trip to a safari park with the family, resort, another massage, champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, on and…

San Diego Beach

How I moved without knowing where I was going – Taking a leap of faith

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I recently moved to San Diego. It was a lesson on making things happen. Me and my love both wanted to move there for business reasons. Lots of events for…


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In business, heck in life, there are a lot of egos. My extended family think parts of the family are idiots and vice versa. One expert thinks their business model…