Punk Rock Justice

Gang Of Four

I saw “Gang Of Four” an English punk rock band from the 70’s last night and it reminded me I really love punk rock bands. Punk rock bands have a message of independence. Supporting the underdog. Making things right. Justice. Shining the light on injustice. I find punk rock to be very moving and uplifting. I don’t find it depressing at all. ...

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Leading With Heart And Being Strong


Me and my partner Nan Akasha hosted our BlissLife Business School here right on the water in San Diego this last weekend. We took all of our experience and made an event that we would want to go to ourselves. I was blessed to experience our elite bliss nation people and have a fantastic time growing our businesses and our minds ...

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Are you the next Enlightened Entrepreneur that I publish?


Are you the next Marianne Williamson or Eckart Tolle? Do you know in your heart you have a powerful message and transformational spiritual journey to share? Are you ready to be seen as the transformational leader you know you are and expand your impact worldwide through sharing your method, processes or system? Is there a book – or many – ...

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4 Steps to Automate Your Business


While starting a business can be a lot of fun, getting that business to grow can be less exciting. Many entrepreneurs tend to lose enthusiasm after the launch phase, and develop that itch to move on to the next thing. I developed a four-step business that makes it easy to grow businesses and leaves you with plenty of time to ...

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8 people on CNN in two weeks


I’ve gotten 8 people on CNN’s website in the last two weeks. Brandon King an American living in China had this to say about me. “Chris was instrumental in gaining my company coverage on CNN, and I trust him 100% to represent me tastefully and accurately in both old and new media. As a seasoned entrepreneur and marketer, Chris can ...

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I have a bestselling book

How To Create New Business Ideas

Yesterday was a great day. My book “How To Create New Business Ideas” became a bestseller on Tuesday. That’s two bestsellers I have in the last 8 days. Last week Monday the bestseller “The Way Out” with Greg S. Reid and yesterday with my book “How To Create New Business Ideas”. I’m super thrilled and very grateful for everyone for ...

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How to outsource everything but your sex life

Christopher Sherrod at La Costa Resort

I celebrated my birthday last week. Thai massage, comedy club, meals with friends, trip to a safari park with the family, resort, another massage, champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, on and on.I need a vacation from my vacation to recover. But seriously, it was my best birthday yet.I want to think my family and friends for the amazing time. Especially my ...

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In business, heck in life, there are a lot of egos. My extended family think parts of the family are idiots and vice versa. One expert thinks their business model is fantastic and everyone else is a business idiot. One musician thinks a manager ripped them off. The list goes on and on. Forgiveness needs to be had because being upset ...

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