When To Say No

Sometimes you have to say no. So you can say yes. Focusing on what you do best means you sometimes have to say no. But what do you say no to. That is always a big question. It gets easier with experience, much easier. But, it is always a question.

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It isn’t always about the money

I just got back from a free trip to the Corpus Cristi area in Texas USA. My partner and I felt like going to the beach. Less than a week later she was offered a speaking engagement. She manifested a free way to go very quickly.

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Money & Prosperity

Money is not designed to be spent or saved. It is not designed to be hoarded or ignored. It is not designed to be worshipped or coveted. It is designed to be worked to make more money. It is designed to be used and given away to help improve and enrich your life and others.

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