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    I’m a semi-retired private business owner that has sold everything from software, real estate, physical goods, info-products, CEO of a design firm with the team based in Manila Philipines and later a self-publish book and course digital agency also based in Manila Philipines. I now vlog and have an Expat newsletter sharing my adventures living in Mexico at

    Learn about my Dolphin Entreprenuer philosophy in business that I wrote for Social Capital Markets.

    Since I became a full-time entrepreneur in 1996 after five years in the corporate world I’ve learned a lot from my successes and especially failures. I have written the books below to share my experience on generating a business idea and on hiring virtual workers that I believe is the core of what you need to know to be successful in business.

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Christopher Sherrod

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I rarely email and it’s just for notifications when I launch a new book or project. I never share my people’s email or contact information with anyone, ever.

I don’t market myself or monitize my notifcations lists, I freely share what has worked for me, not others.

Dolphin EntreprenuerPhoto by Christopher Sherrod in Caribbean Sea México

Dolphin Entreprenuer Philosophy

Forget Shark Tank; Be A Dolphin Entrepreneur Instead.

  1. So which is more important: competition or cooperation? Let’s learn from the cooperative brilliance of dolphins.
  2. So is it better to compete in the war of the sharks or cooperate within a network of dolphins?
  3. And learn the five ways to be a dolphin entrepreneur

My Books

I wrote these books to give back to the entrepreneur community on what I’ve learned being a full-time entrepreneur since 1996 that has worked for me. I don’t do any consulting anymore so my business philosophy is contained in these books.

How To Create New Business Ideas Based On What You Love

How To Create New Business Ideas Based On What You Love

This course is a step-by-step guide to creating new business ideas based on what you love. Inside you’ll play games that will create a business that you’ll love because it’s based on what you love.

My opinion and what I’ve seen with myself and all the entrepreneurs I’ve meet over the decades is that if you don’t love what you do you won’t be successful no matter how hard you work at it.

Includes eBook in ePub and Kindle formats plus a Business Ideas Workbook and a video on How To Implment An Idea Quickly.

Hiring Virtual Workers

Hiring Virtual Workers For Small Business

I wrote this book to share my hiring process that I’ve developed since 2000 when I hired my first assistant. I will walk you through my step-by-step process to finding a virtual worker that fits you. I believe your first helper is a virtual assistant followed by an accountant soon afterward. These two hires will impact your business directly and quickly and will pay for themselves very quickly.

Includes eBook in ePub, Kindle and PDF formats plus a VA Job Hiring Template and Standard Operating Procedure Template.