vpnI was talking to some other Digital Nomads about security on the Internet at a party. Someone just moved in from an iffy freedom country and he asked what VPNs we used, that’s Virtual Private Network which allows you to use the Internet as if you were in another country, encryption and everything. Everybody had different opinions and which one was best and such was discussed.
What I didn’t like about all of them is that a commercial operation of a VPN means that their IP address is very well known and can be blocked. I wanted my own IP address to avoid that issue. All the commercial free and paid VPNs I used Netflix knew about and blocked them outright.
I did a search in LifeHacker.com techy hub for people who are way more technical than I am and found this article. I also read the software the article suggestions readme file and just followed the directions, pretty much copy and paste, very easy.
Plus there is no additional software you need on your computer. This solution runs with Mac and Windows operating system resources you already have.
Oh and Netflix has no idea because it’s my own VPN just for me and no one else.