I recently had a client who’s website went offline for a few days.  I did my best to make sure this didn’t happen but when the people that make mistakes are the only people that can fix it I can’t do much.

My client originally got her domain names from a company that runs two page ads in business magazines and caters to newbies.  She also had them host them.  Some months ago she upgraded her hosting to another company but the first company still was her domain registrar (place you buy domain names).  No problem everything is working properly.

Then she needed to upgrade to a dedicated server so the IP address of her domain name needed to be updated.  Amazingly the first companies back office control panel has a bug that couldn’t handle her complex needs.  So they had us make some weird changes and boom three hours later her website doesn’t work.  Then we get the run around.  Any IP address changes take three days, even though it took them only three hours to screw it up.  Our phone calls get routed around the planet and we have the lovely pleasure of talking to idiots that actually read from a script.  I’ve heard that for sales but not technical support.  I haven’t heard some much bad 80’s music on hold, it reminded me of their technology from the 80’s.  They lock the control panel and take over manually and proceed not to fix it for days.

The only way we could get it fixed was by transferring the domain name to GoDaddy.com which took five days.  With GoDaddy you can update the IP address and it takes affect almost immediately.  It’s super quick, not three days.  Back in the mid 90’s three days was normal but not anymore.

There is a ton of cheap domain hosting companies.  Thru my experience and the experience of my clients I’ve had horrible experiences with most of them.  You really do get what you pay for.  If you are starting out with a website and you’re not making money I can understand why you would go for the cheapest solution.  However, when you start making money and your website is your business you need to upgrade.

Just image how you would feel if your website didn’t work?  Would you be able to sleep?  This website wasn’t even mine and I lost sleep.  I felt for my client and did my best to fix other people’s mistakes but I lost sleep.  I can’t imagine how I would feel if it was my website.  So, I have the best hosting I can get.

Get the best you can afford.  If fantastic customer service is not important to you then go cheap, you’ll regret it eventually.  If you’re not making any money then if your website is down for a few days does it really matter?  But if you live and die by your website then get the best you can afford.  It is well worth it.

I host my websites and several of my clients and if I could make it any better I would.  I want Google uptime and I’m very picky.  If I’m happy and know my client will be too.

If you are happy with your hosting uptime and their customer service is good then good for you.  If not, let us know how we can help.