Last week I had a mastermind member call me the Internet Marketing guru of the group.  Quite flattering and it made me uncomfortable because I look up to many others as gurus of Internet Marketing. Then he called me the guru of websites which I would agree with as I”ve been creating them for 13 or so years more than anyone I know.

My conversation with one of my mastermind members got me thinking why he and other think I”m a guru of Internet Marketing.  I simply think it is because I actually create products.  So many people simply don”t do anything at all.  Period.  I think I can be successful so I do something and make corrections as I go.  Ready, Fire, Aim.  Some people are scared of failing. Do it a few times and you get over it.  I did.

Then I thought of a recent email my girlfriend Nan forwarded to me from Marlon, a successful Internet Marketer.  I think it clearly reflects why some people are failing.

But dominantly, I’m a producer and a promoter of products.
My job in life is to come up with new products that create
value for my customers and to promote them to the best of
my ability within the time and money constraints I decide

“Marlon, I have SPENT a small fortune. I have BEEN in
coaching programs. I have BOUGHT the course. How come I”m
NOT making any dough?”

Answer: You”re consuming. But are you PRODUCING and PROMOTING?
And are you doing it more than ONCE? Are you out there playing
the Game every day?

Let me explain…

The problem I see a lot of people have is they consume,
consume, consume. But NEVER cross the bridge to creating,
producing and promoting.

Go out and fail a lot.  It’s the best thing you can do.  Start creating now.  If you need some ideas check out my book How To Create New Business Ideas Based On What You Love where you can create new business ideas based on what you love.