It seems all you hear about in Internet Marketing is the hard and fast launch.  It works and does create a frenzy for buying the product. And it is usually done for products that don’t work for long.  You know the techniques that will work for a week or a month before not working anymore because Google changes their algorhymn or just the world changes.

The soft launch is actually a lot more common.

Restaurants entreprenuers start with getting their family and friends trying out their food and tweek it until it is good enough to launch their restaurant.

Comics try new material in front of small crowds to gauge response before taking it to TV or big arena.  Authors test in blog and magazines before moving on to publishing a book.

A lot of Internet Markets do it too. They keep selling their main e-book or course, the ones with broad appeal.

The soft launch is smart because you’ll never be able to plan for everything that will come up.  You can’t think of 100% of what will happen.  It’s much easier to work through the challenges.  Solve them as they come up.  Definitely have a plan but be realistic that you can’t plan for everything. You’ll waste a lot of time trying which you can use to actually implement. That extra planning is a waste of time so don’t do it.  Create a simple plan and implement it and adjust as things come up.

Soft launching gives you the ability to tweak and change things. You get it out there and gauge interest and adjust as necessary.  Successful products are produced by how good you are in tweaking it after you’ve launched it.

Make mistakes in front of small audiences and you’ll learn what works and then you move on to bigger audiences.

I see so many people not doing anything because they look up to big Internet Marketers and try to do what they are doing.  They didn’t start big, they went through a process to get big.  You do to.

Take the first step.