Yesterday I was listening to Paul McCartney.  I’m in an home exchange here in Paris France and they have a bunch of Paul’s albums.  So I’m listening to them and enjoying them.  He writes and sings about love and it fit in very well with our stay here in Paris.

But, I also started thinking about his partnership with Linda.  And how they supported each other. When Linda had a photo exhibit Paul made sure he came and supported her.  And he didn’t go to promote his current album.  He went as a loving partner. I imagined him walking up to someone appreciating one of Linda’s photos and striking up a conversation about how good the image is.

And of course Linda supported Paul.  Played in his band when it would have probably been easier to not because of all the negative criticism about her keyboard playing.  I have a live album of Paul’s where they edit him introducing Linda to the audience in many languages.  They were truly in love.

My reflection was deep as I too am very in love. My partner Nan Akaska is the love of my life.  She is so fantastic that I wouldn’t be able to express it to you adequately.  And when you love your partner you want to support them.

I look at Paul and Linda as role models for how I want to live life.  The people that are in a relationship but don’t talk about their partner because it is “bad for business” and doesn’t fit in with their “marketing plan” just makes no sense to me.  They have a bad business plan.  “It’ll drive away women. Are you kidding me?  Women know that men look sexier and more attractive when they are with someone.  That type of marketing doesn’t work for me.  And it doesn’t work out with your partner either. They will feel neglected.  That they are not appreciated.  And men and women can only handle that for so long before it drives them apart.

A balance like Paul and Linda had is essential I believe.  They both had their own projects and some in common.  And they both supported each other in the various projects.  They didn’t hide that they were together and in fact it helped greatly.

If you don’t talk about your partner because of “marketing” or your “business plan” then look at yourself.  Your audience will find you, but will think you’re not completely truthful if they find out later that you are hiding your partner.

So what would Paul and Linda do?  Be yourself and live life to it’s fullest.  I’m going to have a lovely evening with my Nan on the Seine here in Paris France.  Here’s to life.