What separates winners from losers?


I just found out about the stock market going down. I don’t watch the news so it takes a day or two for me to find out such things. What separates the winners from the losers, the wealthy from the wannabes is their REACTIONS to the events they have no control over.

The people that overreact or just as bad do not react at all will lose. The winners with react and move forward with a plan.

Do you think the wealthy permanently lost a lot of money this week? They reacted and will easily come back on top if they already haven’t. It is all on how you react.

If you think the stock market going down almost 500 points is the end of your investment days then you are right. If you think “where is there an opportunity here” then you are thinking correctly.

I once saw the head of a large family foundation get the news that they lost several million dollars in one day. He didn’t cry, he didn’t get upset. He did take a pause, but they had a plan. They only risked what they felt comfortable with and they knew they would make it back. They took measures immediately to secure that. And they did recover in a month.

When something happens to you take notice and react to it positively. Take action to move ahead. What is your next action?