I blogged about Richard Branson having a blog two days ago.  I was very excited that he was going to blog occasionally.  His fans and I (his biggest fan) could hear directly from him.  I ordered his new book and looked forward to reading it.

I noticed he had some social network links on his blog, just like I do.  I was already a friend of his on Facebook.  Then I noticed he was on twitter so I added virgindotcom on twitter.  I was thrilled when virgindotcom followed me back shortly later.  I even asked him a question on twitter.  I’ve wanted to know if his famous one page business plans have a format to them or if he just wings it.  So I asked that question on twitter.

That was one or two days ago.

Well, this morning I woke up really early like 4:30 AM.  I never do this, but I was wide awake.  So I got up and was going to read some of my favorite RSS feeds on my computer until I was tired enough to go back to bed.  And I see a reply from virgindotcom on twitter.  I had won a Virgin messenger bag.  There is the picture of it on the right.  Of course I was thrilled.  I was the 100th follower of virgindotcom on twitter.  I’m too excited to sleep now so I’m blogging about all of this.

I’m his biggest fan…no really I’m serious.  I read everything he writes, every interview he does and every video and audio on him I can find because he is the best role model for how I think business should be done.

When I was looking at the twitter reply from virgindotcom I started remembering memories of having my picture taken in front of Virgin Mega store in Paris on the Champs-Élysées last summer, looking thru the windows of the Virgin Mega store in London (it was very late), browsing the Virgin Mega store next to the Louvre in Paris and Rennes France this last summer.  I then started having visions of meeting Richard Branson in person or even just talking to him on the phone.

Today is a great day.