In over 23 years of working with small business client I’ve heard “I just want to quit my job and do my own business” or “If I just made a bit more money life would be good”.

Maybe you have thought that.  I know I did.

I thought when I started doing my own thing that I just had to work harder in order to be successful.  It took a while but I learned that is the best way to be unsuccessful by working hard.  When you work hard you aren’t thinking about your business, you are doing your business.  And when you are doing your business you are missing out on opportunities galore.

If you want be rich you need to get that.  Think outside the box.  Great accomplishments start inside yourself.

If you are trying to make money you will not succeed.  Go out there and make money.  Make decisions that a successful entrepreneur would make.  Don’t try.  Do.

Pretend you are Richard Branson when making decisions.  “If I was Richard Branson what would I do in this situation.”  I love doing this.

I know when I worked hard I couldn’t think about my business.  I couldn’t think about how to market, improve business or tweak the bottom line.  Now I take time to relax.  Do something creative and non work related every week and enjoy life.  I notice I get better ideas when I do this.

Not everyone is built to be an entrepreneur.  That’s okay.  But if you really want to be one you must master your attitude about business.  Work smart and not hard.