I live by these ideals. Truth, Beauty, Freedom and above all Love.

I know things will work out for the best when I seek and keep the truth, enjoy the beauty around me and within, seek freedom and above all love. I live my life to these and life is fantastic. Life works out for the best.

I’ve seen the movie “Moulin Rouge!” before and after my recent trip to Paris. Seeing it after Paris it seems so vibrant, so true. I saw the real Moulin Rouge in Montmartre quarter of Paris. A very crowed tourist can can show. But the movie is fantastic. The neighborhood reminds me of the bohemian ideal. I loved Montmartre.

All you need is love. Do your business in the name of love. Have relationships with family and friends in the name of love. Do it for love.

People want to do business with you because you love your business. People want to be friends with you because you love your friendship with them.

Love above all.