Jerry Hicks kicked the bucket a few days ago.

I use the term kicked the bucket because he used it. Well, Abraham used it. It’s not mean. Just a way to make fun of dying. Not take it so seriously.

I visited Jerry and Esther on their ranch a few years ago. Got a tour of the estate and monster bus. The bus was really nice rightly so since they traveled all over the country in it a lot.

The treehouse where Esther told me they wrote parts of their early books was tranquil.

I had a great visit and it was my first entre into law of attraction and thing “woo woo” as I would say.

I had a business associate recommend their book “Ask and it is Given” which I loved.

What I loved about it was that half the book was on processes. The first half was mindset and then they gave you processes that you could use to in grain that mindset.

Before that I always thought “woo woo” people just liked to talk a lot but never do anything about it. This book showed me you could do both.

And meeting them just reinforced that. I had a great time with them.

Then the movie “The Secret” came out and they grew like crazy. Next time I saw them it was a huge crowd in a hotel, their ranch wasn’t big enough.

I will always remember Jerry as being the level headed one and that is no disrespect for Esther at all. Jerry got to hear all the teaching of Abraham, record it, classify the audio, edit the audio and get to their assistant. He lived this stuff.

He told me a story about Esther complaining about something and he didn’t want to be part of that energy so he left the dining room table. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t add to the negative energy. He just left. I always thought that was noble. And it takes a lot of guts to just not want to get involved in some argument. I’ve done the same with people in my life and oh it works great. Thank you Jerry.

I will miss you Jerry. I related to you because I’m in a similar relationship that you had. And your advice has greatly helped me. I will miss you. Meet you on the other side, give me a tour when I get there.