Back in December when I was on a “writer’s retreat” on the coast of Texas, My partner Nan and I wanted to focus on getting more done while having a life. I’ve automated some more business and added a virtual assistant to make calls for me. I’ve turned off my ringer on my mobile phone. I’m filtering my email and just focusing on learning, brainstorming and creating.

I’m getting way more done. I’m more relaxed even though my friends would say I was already way relaxed before.

I did another series of automation last summer for my two month trip to Europe. I recommend you do this every six to 12 months.

The “retreat” was so successful and fun that we have extended thru mid April.

I’m getting all the businesses to run without me while I travel. I’m looking at Sacre Coeur from an apartment (not a hotel) in Paris right now and business is going on as usual.

In a recent Mastermind Group meeting, it became apparent that some of the most successful people in the group actually work the least. This is something I’ve known for quite some time, but I needed to be reminded of it often.

There’s are many good reasons why business owners who work less make more, and I believe that this concept is even more applicable…