At a dinner party at a friend’s place last weekend the subject of favorite movies came up.  Out of six people only two people like horror movies.  Us four couldn’t understand why.

Visual and mental images change your life.  So why are horror movies so popular?  I really don’t understand.  I can’t stand horror movies.  All those horrifying images do have an impact on you.  If you see them enough they can change your life but not for the better.

I’ve accidentally seen a few horror movie scenes on cable TV while running channels (which I don’t do anymore).  “What’s this movie about” goes thru my head and then bam an image that is just utterly disgusting.  I change the channel but I still remember those images.  Why sexual images are considered adult and horror movies are even allowed to exist I have no idea.

Your mind gradually becomes negative if exposed to horror movies, war, depressing situations, etc. You’ll slow be unable to see positive events, new business opportunities, success or love.

However, if your mind sees success, positive situations and love, you’ll see more success, new business opportunities and love.

So decide to see only positive situations.  Cut out horror movies and the news. If it’s really important you’ll hear about it.

Sit down once a day and mentally visualize what you want in life.  See it, feel it.

If you can’t see success then nothing will help you. Nothing I do can help you.  Nothing anyone can do will help you. You must know you can be positive before anybody can help.