I was reading Seth Godin’s article about Real vs Slick and it my mind thought people resonate with real people.  They like authentic people.  That is why a lot of Internet Marketers are not highly thought of.  Kinda of like used car sales people.  People like real people.  Not flashy marketers but real people that happen to market.

Are you being honest with yourself and your audience?  What is your perception from your audiences perspective?

You can send me a hand-written note but don’t write it in crayon with words spelled wrong and I’ll read it. And you can send me a beautifully typeset Fedex package. But if you send me mass-produced junk with a dot matrix printer, out it goes. The dead zone again.

That’s why really well done HTML email works, as does unique, hand-typed text email. It’s the banal stuff in the middle that people don’t read. And yet, 95% of what I see is precisely in the dead spot of the middle zone.

The Blair Witch Project and Pi both felt authentic. The Matrix was perfectly slick. The new Star Wars cartoon is just dumb.

That’s why a personalized letter works better than a generic resume. We crave handmade authenticity and we adore perfectly professional slickness.

Seth’s Blog: The dead zone of slick