I recently watched “Pump Up The Volume”. When I first saw this movie it really struck me as being an important statement. It showed that the school system hurt people that were individuals. Kids got kicked out or were ingrained into the system. Don’t make waves and get good grades otherwise you’re gone.The main character spoke out and shared his opinion. An opinion that was shared by many of the students that something was wrong at the school.

Funny that the guidance councelor failed in having a career so he tells students how to plan their life after high school. I also find that teachers are usually like this. Not all though. I had a fantastic accounting teacher that taught one class in the morning and then went to his company the rest of the day.

Blogs, pirate radio, Internet podcasts are a reflection of people sharing their passions. The FCC can’t regulate them so people are free to express themselves. With any form of expression there will be items you won’t like or may even disturb you, but you have a choice just like they have a choice.

People are scared of not being perfect. People are not perfect. So what? What does it matter that you’re not perfect. Perfection is over rated and doesn’t exist. Failure is good. It teaches. It brings you contrast which brings you what you really want. Failure is a wonderfully positive thing for a business.

In the movie a teacher speaks out and is fired. But, the truth is a virus. Turn on the truth and you turn on your passion. Life is not a game, but it is. Life is to be enjoyed and to have fun with doing what you are passionate about. But life is not a game in that it doesn’t matter how well you play or if you are really having fun. It’s important. It does matter that you have fun and that you do something that turns you on. At the end of the movie the principal is fired. The fired teacher will come back. When you share your truth some will not like it, it’s just a matter of finding your audience.

The world is messed up, it’s not you. The world, people, are illogical. Rock the boat and do what you think is right. People will resonate with you. Living makes you strong. Speak out. Find your voice. Turn on the truth. You always have a choice, it doesn’t always have to be popular. Do what you think is right. Not what others think is right. You can’t live your life through others.

Have you noticed that the very wealthy entrepreneurs in the world rebelled against the system. Richard Branson and Bill Gates didn’t finish college. They started companies that were against the normal happenings at the time. They rebelled and did what they thought was cool. They were strong and themselves.

Change the system. Do what is right for you. Share your opinion.Talk hard. What have you done to rock the boat? Share your truth, make a comment.