Stop worrying about doing everything. Stop worrying about things beyond your control. Stop worrying about what some people think about you.

I took this photo.  It’s my most popular photo on flickr.  It’s being favorited a few times.  Why?  People are tired of worrying.  They don’t want to worry but they still do.

Worrying may have lead to the death of my uncle this week.  Worrying is one of the worst things you can do to yourself.  It doesn’t help and it only brings trouble.  It may take decades but it will catch up with you.

So how do you stop worrying.  I like pattern interrupts.  Music, walking, and sex (not necessarily in that order).  I like to have a life and do non work related things.  My major hobby is music.  I love listening to music.  An album of jazz and I am set.

Here are some links to other ways to stop worrying:

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