Remembering Steve Jobs - A Tribute to the Visionary Behind Apple's Legacy


I’m sadden on hearing Steve Jobs of Apple passing away.

I’m sadden on hearing Steve Jobs of Apple passing away. I remember my first Apple computer. I had a couple of computers before I finally got a real computer my Apple IIe. I had an Odessey and an Atari 400, but when I got my Apple IIe, now that was a real computer.

I got it in the late 70’s and used it for years. In fact used it thru college up to 1991 before finally upgrading to a Mac IIvx.

The Apple IIe was a workhorse. It did everything I needed for school. It really helped me because computers were so rare that the computer lab at my college was always totally booked. And I could just go home and do what I needed.

Thank you Steve for producing such excellent products. You are a true visionary. Your iPod totally changed music for me. I was finally able to take a lot of music with me. I’m never more than a few feet away from my iPod at all times, ask my girlfriend she will attest to it.

You have a vision like no other and will be missed. You have left behind a legacy and very big shoes to fit.

Thank you Steve.