My clientele vary a lot.  Men and women of all ages and backgrounds.  They all have one thing in common.  An entrepreneurial spirit.  Here are a couple of articles about how school results and age are not good predictors of your future success.

John Lennon left school without any qualifications, Damien Hirst did marginally better and was awarded an E for his art A-Level whilst Bill Gates dropped out of college on his way to becoming the world’s richest man.

They are hardly shining examples of those who achieved all they did because of success in the classroom.

But according to intriguing new research, school tests are by no means a measure of true ability – nor can they be used as a tool to predict future success or abject failure.

School results are no predictor of future success, new research finds – just look at John Lennon or Winston Churchill | Mail Online

For Richard Branson, his 58 years are an advantage on younger entrepreneurs, giving him wily life skills and an understanding of the world that an 18-year-old would struggle to match. Experts point out the need to harness the skills of “olderpreneurs”.

Indeed, most of our country’s finest entrepreneurs are over 50: Bernie Eccleston, 77; Sir Alan Sugar, 61: Duncan Bannatyne, 59, and Sir Philip Green, 56.


“We’ve got a real advantage over 18 year olds,” explained the 58-year-old businessman. “They can’t ever have the years of life experience or contacts that we have. I really do feel that we have a big advantage over younger entrepreneurs.”

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