richardbranson.jpgSome times when your employees ask for more than you can afford to profitably run your business you have to put your foot down. Richard Branson just did that with Virgin Atlantic staff as they threaten to strike. The bottom line comes first. Richard Branson is well know to treat staff very very well but he can’t if their demands hurt the financial ability of the company.

Sir Richard Branson has told Virgin Atlantic staff who are not happy with the airline’s pay deal they should consider working at rival British Airways.

In a letter to staff who are threatening to strike, he ruled out any late offer to improve on a pay deal worth 8.3 per cent over two years.

Unite union members have vowed to hold two 48-hour strikes during January, scheduled for the 9th to 10th and 16th to 17th.

In his letter, Sir Richard said: “For some of you, more pay than Virgin Atlantic can afford may be critical to your lifestyle and if that is the case you should consider working elsewhere.”

Richard Branson: If pay deal isn’t enough, quit – Telegraph