Here are the results of my survey “What is the single most frustrating problem or fear in your business?

Marketing was nearly half.  I get this question alot and so not surprised.  I make a point to market everyday.  I also blog about it quite often.  One of my favorite ways to market is to write on my blog here at every day.  When I started doing it every day it got me in the habit of always learning, always sharing and many people like what I write about here.  I’ve learned alot from blogging and highly recommend it.

Money, Technical and Motivation were the next most popular.  Many people have no idea how to start in business.  There are so many people out there teaching you how to do this and that, that it is overwhelming.  And I agree.  Why people are teaching how to create websites to people that barely can use a computer seems strange.  In business you can’t do it all.  You need help.  Someone to help in accounting, someone for your technology and support staff to help is the next most important issue book work.  Things that a virtual assistant can help a lot on.  If you worked on learning everything you need to do you will never be successful.  Learn enough to know who to hire.  Focus on what you are good at.

I tell my clients that they should focus on marketing, cash flow and keeping motivated.  The people that are successful in business know marketing very well.  They are not experts on creating websites or adding up numbers.  They are experts at getting the word out.  That is the key.

Here are some quotes from the survey that I think that many of you would agree on:

technical aspects such as how to build a website

I am afraid I can’t get enough financing to complete my project

exposure, getting enough positive, impactful exposure for me and my work.

Lack of self confidence

I get frustrated when I can’t understand a word of what anyone is talking about! I am new to Internet Marketing and honestly, it’s like being in a foreign country – a whole different language. And worse, it’s all in abbreviations which can’t be looked up in a ‘net dictionary’ – even if such a thing existed. (I expect it would be called an NDic or something). Everyone else seems to somehow magically know what these things mean, and it makes me feel stupid.”

“the Technical part. I have to ask and pay someone to do it for me.”

Knowing that my clients need my product, but not being able to communicate that to them so that they make a buying decision.

Advertising, marketing, but I am getting better.

I don’t know what I’m doing.

Being consistent

My most frustrating problem is keeping up with the bookwork, like writing reports.


not getting anyone to follow thru with the next step

getting people to buy my product

Not knowing how much cash flow will be coming in next month.

not enough customers

that customs can said no : sometimes frustrated me , because they don’t stop me , and I cannot hear the inside voice of them .I am real estate and I take so much time with the internet , with the visit to the propriety , with email , and maybe can make me lose one month ,and then , they don’t said nothing , like , thank you so much for yours time , and they buy the other real estate house offer…!!!!!

keeping of accurate data