Raising a child is the ultimate leadership training.

I believe a kid is like a project. You have a system to get the result you want, raising a person that can live in the real world and be happy and successful.

You’re a role model on what that is. You can influence your child.

What you can’t do is control their every waking moment. That doesn’t work.

I see parents that are so strict it’s amazing that it is even legal to do what they are doing to their child.

And I see those kids become 18 (or earlier) and leave, screwed up and unable to handle the real world while hating their parents.

You need to let your kids be themselves. Yes you can influence them but much of that is by what you do, not by have tons of strict rules telling them everything they can’t do.

People don’t like being told what not to do. I sure don’t. In fact, doing that tends to make people do what you don’t want them to do.

And in business you also need to let people fail. Yes have a system in place that reduces that but it comes down to people. People are what makes things happen. Give them a system that is doable and it’s amazing what people can accomplish.