It isn’t always about the money


I just got back from a free trip to the Corpus Cristi area in Texas USA. My partner and I felt like going to the beach. Less than a week later she was offered a speaking engagement. She manifested a free way to go very quickly. After her speech it was time for fun. Here is a picture of me at the end of a jetty near Port Aransas. I got a new captains hat for the new year. The old one got silly string all over it a our new years party and is pretty much a mess. We saw many birds and some dolphins playing in the surf.

One of the major benefits of doing your own thing and being with someone of the same mindset is you can both go in the middle of the week on a business trip. We can’t imagine being in any other position. Sometimes it isn’t about the money. Instead it is about being happy and doing what you want to do. She does her speech which she loves to do and I work on my upcoming book and make some connections in real estate. Even though we didn’t make any money on this particular trip it was lovely because it was such a nice trip and we enjoyed ourselves on the coast. Prosperity minded is about being open to prosperity and enjoying being in the now and wanting more.