I know Paul Newman thru his charity work mostly.  I’ve seen him some movies and I know he liked race car driving which is a bit loud for me.  His charity work was exceptional.

He lived quietly in Westport, Connecticut far from Hollywood.  I think this is a big factor.  He was a great actor but he didn’t get caught up in all the Hollywood junk.  He was down to earth.

Newman’s Own was the first massed produced organic company and is still very successful.  All the profits are given away without galas, mailings, and other expensive outreaches.  Again Paul living outside Hollywood and being a down to earth guy were the cause of this simple business that is huge.  All of their marketing is free word of mouth.  Great stuff gets out.

I believe starting a foundation and giving back to society is an extension of good business.  Why give all the money away to taxes when you can give it away to people that need help.  Paul Newman’s foundations gave away all the profits of his food line, he had summer camps for kids, his charity helped out other charities and not just the A-list charities.  He helped out charities that were not well known.  Charities that make a real difference.  A lot of people give money to the well known charities which have a tendency to have high administration costs and I’m not a big fan of them myself.  Paul was very selective and put a lot of thought into who got money and who he supported.  Unfortunately many in Hollywood support charities in order to look good and promote themselves.  Not Paul and his family.

So I will remember Paul Newman as one of the greatest philanthropist of all time and a role model for how I want to live my life.

Bye Paul, you made a difference.