revolution_fist Back in the heyday of car manufacturers there were literally thousands of car manufacturers throughout the USA.  Every town practically had someone making cars.  Then Ford started producing cars cheaper and with great quality.  The small time manufacturers went out of business very quickly.  Now there is very few car manufacturers and some of them are on the verge of going out of business.

Recently some unique custom built cars are viable like the Tesla Motors all electric sports car but most car manufacturers simply went out of business because they couldn’t upscale.

I see that happening for Internet Marketers.  The time of easily making money as an Internet Marketers is over.  Many are going or out of business.  Mostly because the days of producing crap are over.  Ebooks with three inch margins all around are over.  So many people have and are trying Internet Marketing and producing the most awful ebooks with no support.  Some of these people have a almost hatred of servicing their clients.  They don’t return emails or phone calls.  Some don’t even acknowledge that they received a gift from you.  And it’s not a time issue, believe me you can have a virtual assistant respond, you can use autoresponders and provide a support page.  This is not a time issue, it is a quality issue.

Take your business seriously.  Don’t hide behind your website.  Don’t produce brain dead junk and dumb down the Internet.  Take your passion, create value, build relationship, sell your items in the context of creating value.

Participate in the value revolution.