I consult with many business owners every week, doing their websites and guiding them in the right direction.  And by far the number one excuse for the people that fail is not doing anything. They don’t blog.  They don’t market.  I take all of that back, many actually do something, they tweak their sidebars, their colors, their graphics.  They do everything but actual business.  Marketing is the number one item that should be on your to do list.

Then you have the group that is told they just need _____ to start a business.  Fill in the blank with lawyer, assistant, business plan or lawyer (again) any other obstruction between you and your business.  Why do you think someone else can run your business better than you can?  Look for support not layers that stop you from getting your product or service out there.

These obstructions are excuses from starting.  Start, tweak as you go.  A vast majority of your decisions are going to be made from actually running your business anyways.  You learn by doing.

Get rid of the excuses about starting and just start.  Start networking, start learning about your niche.  Ask for advice and learn from other people’s experiences.  But start today.  Right now.

Anyways the people that try to scare you into putting these layers in are the people that sell the layers.  Publishers and authors of books and magazines, lawyers and the million other people that make money selling you the “correct” way to success.  They have have their place but you don’t need them to start.  You can add as you go.

The only things you really need (not required) is a business card and a website.  You really don’t even need those to start but you’ll want them pretty quickly.  Everything else you can add as you go.  If you can get by without it right now then you don’t need it right now.  Only add items when you really need it.