I’m like Switzerland. Me and my company are neutral.

I’ve seen many people do illegal things to some of my clients. I can’t mention specifics but it’s interesting when you run into the a person that did something earlier to a client of yours.

They don’t know that I know. They don’t know I have that client. I’m very discrete when bad things happen and I’m hired to fix it. I have to be neutral. I have to just not get emotional into the conflict. It’s not mine anyways. I give my client advice on what they can do. What authorities to call, what the hacker did that was illegal. But, it’s not my issue.

So I’m sometimes at a group function or party and there is a hacker that hacked a client of mine. I have to be nice and pretend that I don’t have a clue. I have to be like Switzerland. Outing people in a big group is just going to embarrass them and mostly likely have them attacking you. It won’t end pleasantly.

Look into your own business and see if acting like Switzerland is a match. If you are providing any type of service I bet it aligns with you very well.