Money & Prosperity


Money is not designed to be spent or saved. It is not designed to be hoarded or ignored. It is not designed to be worshipped or coveted. It is designed to be worked to make more money. It is designed to be used and given away to help improve and enrich your life and others. Prosperity is a mindset. It is how and what you think about money that will determine how much money you make and how and if it will work for you and others.

Your prosperity begins with your personal definition of what prosperity means to you.

Prosperity offers success, good fortune and wealth it part of a combination lock.

Prosperity works once all things related to it are in harmony and balance. Prosperity will be part of your life once you understand and follow what it really means.

It’s true. The world can be a chaotic place. You have two basic choices:

  • You can allow life to define you. OR
  • You can define your life… and live it!