I’ve had stuff and I’ve had practical no stuff.  I’ve learned for myself that having less stuff is more fun.  The less I’m into physical items the more I enjoy the items.

Let me explain.  Everything you own is temporary.  Your going to lose it all when you die and along the way some items are going to wear out.  Some you replace and some you don’t.  They serve a function.  They give you pleasure.  They are helpful in getting through life.

But they are temporary.  Experiences are permanent.  Enjoying things physical and other wise is important, not the thing.

I’ve enjoyed many things in life and didn’t own many of them.  It’s not necessary to own something in order to enjoy it.  Some things I can enjoy for a limited time but then don’t want it anymore, so why would I buy it?  Just find out a way to get access to it.

I was in France and Italy for six weeks this summer and last year the UK, Scotland and France.  I didn’t buy much at all.  This summer I bought a handful of gifts for family.  After traveling to many places and often you just lose interest in buying the same bag with the local city name on it.  I enjoy taking photographs and getting some printed and looking at them and remembering my trip.  The experience is what I enjoy.  I had a blast in Venice Italy this summer when I took a shower in the world’s smallest shower.  I called it Venice Shower Yoga.  Not the most comfortable shower but it gave me an experience that I enjoyed and will never forget and it makes me feel grateful for my shower at home, it’s so huge.

If you are in a situation that you don’t like look for the humor in it.  Put your happiness above all else.  Don’t put up with a bad job that you hate.  Why have an experience that is bad and keep doing it?

When you laugh at your current sucky situation you are on your way to change.  You can change because you have raised your vibrational level.  If you stay stressed and despressed you can’t change.  Your can control how you react to situations even if you can’t control everything around you.

The point of life is not to amass fortunes.  You’re going to lose it when you die anyways.  The point is to have fun.  Now making a lot of money for me is a lot of fun.  But losing money, even all of it is that the end of the world.  In fact losing money will make you a better player at the money game next time around.  Play full out.  Go for what you want.  Enjoy the experience.  Enjoy life.  Bancruptsy is not the end of the world.  Many successful people have gone bankrupt and started anew and became successful again and much faster because of their experience.  Use those bad situations as growing experiences.  Grow from it and move forward.

Play the money game, play at life with a sense of adventure.  Don’t take it so seriously.  Enjoy the experiences, grow from them and have fun.