Gay FlagThe last three days have been some of the most emotional days in my life.

When the Supreme Court of the USA came out with the biggest human rights decision in my lifetime I was floored. I knew a big case on marriage equality was in front of the Supreme Court but the timing and finality of the decision blew me away. I mean the day before #pride weekend. Thank you Supreme Court for sending a clear message.

Maybe I should start off saying why this is moving for me. My kids are part of the LGBT community. They are grown adults and are private and so I don’t talk about them publicly as it makes visits awkward. Plus I do respect their privacy. So I’m invested in marriage equality even though I’m not part of the LGBT community.

I was doing a live streaming on Periscope, a new thing where I hold writer’s corner where us writers can get together and write when I learned of the court ruling. It was fun to share the the 70+ people the happy news.

The next day I’m in a writer’s group finishing off my next book, which I finished (off to my editor next). And I leave the cafe here in San Francisco and one block away is the #pride celebration. I walked around dragging my travel computer/office bag on wheels around enjoying everyone celebrating freedom.

It felt so good. It’s weird that many countries have had marriage equality for decades. Even Mexico had it before the USA. But, it was finally here and straight from the top. #LoveWins

IMG_2367 Day three for me the main pride day was one of the emotional days I’ve had. So wonderful to see so many people get together and celebrate marriage equality here in San Francisco.

I wept when a couple was married on the main stage, they have been together for 33 years and finally we able to get legally married. I wept when I saw that everyone could marry if they want to.

San Francisco Pride 2015So many people came out that I couldn’t get a mobile phone signal.

I wept to finally know that my kids can be with who ever they want. My kids have basic human rights just as they become adults, so happy for them. And I’m so happy to be alive to finally see this happen.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.