Most of my clients that have quite a bit of money to invest in their online business lose it all before they come to me.

They have coaches that recommend they get everything right away. They recommend 1ShoppingCart at $100/mo, their own web server at $750+/mo, merchant account, etc.  They gladly do this thinking these are legitmate business expenses. They are but they didn’t need them yet. The coach is pushing it because they make a nice affiliate commission off of all of it.

If you don’t have a product or affiliates you don’t need a shopping cart. And you may be better off using Paypal at first and progressing up based on the actual features you need. Once you need a hard core affiliate system then yes 1ShoppingCart maybe what you need, but probably not to start off with.

And dedicated hosting? Only very large clients need that. Basic hosting will do most at $7+/mo. And $50/mo handles almost everyone except for the multi-millionaires and they aren’t spending much more.

Just keep in mind that you can upgrade at anytime on the Internet, new companies, new technology are coming out all the time and things are getting cheaper.

Use what works for you needs right now and progress when needed.

The clients that have a decent budget are the ones that are more successful. They get what they need done professional and quickly and have money to market.