[excerpt]I’m in Corpus Christi with my girlfriend who spoke last night about real estate to the local real estate investors. I would show a photo from our room but right now it is so foggy there is no view.

It’s interesting how local markets are doing well in Texas but California and some other states in the USA are going down. It’s universal that foreclosures are going way way up nationwide.

Many people are living way beyond their means. Spending more than you make is not being prosperous. It is not a good idea and will eventually catch up with you.[/excerpt]

I’ve found spending a small percentage on fun stuff and as a reward to projects or deals closing to really work for me. It helps insure I don’t over spend and yet I get my toys and have fun. The more prosperous I am the more fun I have.

Well, I’m off to have a nice lunch on a pier looking at the fog. Until next time, be prosperous.