I recently meet Bert Jacobs the cofounder of Life Is Good.


Chris with Bert Jacobs of Life Is Good

I was inspired by him because we are similiar. Kinda of hippie’ish. Not too much but a bit.

And we care about what we do.

We don’t just want to sell anything. What it is, is important.
He and his brother (the other co-founder) started printing t-shirts and living almost a nomad lifestyle then a few years in they printed up 48 t-shirts and they sold out by Noon.

Life Is Good

They finally got a connection with their audience.

Since then it has grown up to be a large brand. They have had difficulties controlling it. AKA the usually entrepreneur journal, the hero journey.

The key was their passion for what they wanted to do. The journey is figuring out how to connect with people. This drawing finally did it. This slogan “Life Is Good” did it. It connected.

And the only way to figure that out is to go out there in the big world and do it.